"City of Speaking Stones"



Dorbo Diggermattock - Male Deep Gnome – Co-Ruler of Blingdenstone (husband of Senni)

Senni Diggermattock - Female Deep Gnome – Co-Ruler of Blingdenstone (wife of Dorbo)

Sark Axebarrel - Male Deep Gnome – leader of guards in the staging area

Glyphic Shroomlight – Male Deep Gnome – Acolyte of Segojan Earthcaller and member of The Stoneheart Enclave

Gurnik Tapfinger – Male Deep Gnome – Head Priest of Callarduran Smoothhands and representative in The Stoneheart Enclave

Kazook Pickshine -  Male Deep Gnome – representative of The Miner's Guild

Burrow Warden Jadger - Male Deep Gnome Ghost - 

Chipgrin Goldwhisker - male svirfneblin wererat - leader of the wererat community

Nomi Pathshutter – female Deep Gnome – member of the Stoneheart Enclave



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