Out of the Abyss

Vizeran’s Plan

Components needed to create and power the talisman he calls “The Dark Heart.” 

  • The intact and unhatched egg of a purple worm, for channeling great physical power. (Recovered and turned over to Kleve).
  • The central eye of a beholder, to break down magical resistance and overcome magical forces. (Recovered)
  • Six feathers from six different angels — the authority of the celestial realms and a force to enrage fiendish creatures (Recovered from Gallery of Angels).
  • The heart of a goristro, to reach and influence the hearts of other demons (recovered and carried by Ignus).
  • Thirteen timmasks, also known as “devil’s mushrooms,” sprouted from the footprint of a marilith, a balor, or a goristro — a lure to draw demons in (Alliance has recovered 6).
  • A few drops of blood or ichor from a demon lord, to connect with the demons the ritual will call (Yeenoghu's - recovered from horn of goristro).
  • Gromph Baenre’s grimoires and notes on his ritual, to assist in better understanding the power that summoned the demon lords.

<u>Potential sources for all these components</u>

  • The purple worm egg and the eye of the beholder can be found in the Wormwrithings.
  • The angel feathers and the demon heart can be found in the Labyrinth.
  • The grimoire is found in Menzoberranzan, the City of Spiders.
  • The timmask mushrooms and blood from a demon lord depends on the adventurers’ resourcefulness and on the opportunities found.


Vizeran tells the characters to find the Gallery of Angels, a location in the heart of the Labyrinth lies some three hundred miles southwest from his tower – Araj. It is the one place where Vizeran knows the characters can find the angel feathers required for his ritual’s talisman.

The nearest purple worm nesting area mapped out for the characters by Vizeran DeVir lies forty-eight miles west of Araj.

Vizeran has heard rumors of a beholder living in the Vast Oblivium, a chasm deep within the Wormwrithings. The Vast Oblivium lies some twelve miles south of the purple worm nesting area.

Menzoberranzan is about ten days SE from Araj.



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