(Upon entering the Darklake District) – A wave of heat slams against you as an acrid smog rises to choke the air out of your lungs. The Darklake spreads out beyond a jumble of buildings and streets, reflecting the lights of countless fires burning across the city within hollowed-out columns and stalagmites.
Though the streets are crowded, you move easily within the surging throng of buyers, merchants, and slaves. You aren't the only outsiders here, as you spy drow, svirfneblin, derro, orcs, and other races in the crowds. The shouting of people blends with the sound of distant hammering to create a constant, distracting din.


Stonespeaker Hgraam - Male stone giant leader – Priest of Skoraeus Stonebones.

Werz Saltbaron - Male duergar merchant. Procuring Holy Symbol for Ignus. Assassinated by 2 cloaked men.

Errde Blackskull - Female duergar captain of the Stone Guard

Themberchaud - adult Red Dragon – The city's "Wyrmsrnith"

Droki - Male derro


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