VeEK SWartZ (Shepard Druid)

"Oohh to be a Fly in that Poop"



Only 7 years old VeEK was cast out by his tribe after accidentally killing his entire family to save a roach. Veek empathy and curiosity about nature and preserving life has always gotten him on odd and unfortunate situations. After being exiled he wondered alone as Hermit through the High Forest looking for secrets and studying nature. VeEk started having visions of demons lurking in the dark, he place no meaning to them, he was safe with all his pets. On a storm day his pet frogs Vanderuuuuill got lost.. tracking him out VeEK took a misstep that landed him on a drow cell with a strange set of companions.

VeEK SWartZ (Shepard Druid)

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