Out of the Abyss

Gracklstugh Happenings

Stonespeaker's Warning

“Something evil stirs in the Underdark. The rock itself cries in pain and horror, and a madness creeps from the blackest depths. Pay heed to the signs surrounding you. A cave with two faces. Rock devoured, and the land overgrown. The pebble believes itself flesh. The earth rejects its wards, and the tunnels shake in fury. By these portents, you shall know of evil's presence and of evil's face. This is what the stones tell me."


item lump of black metal found in duergar lab


found in ritual room

  1. pouches of giant toenail clippings and skin flecks
  2. 2' tall statue with two heads weighing 100 pounds. “Rihuud" is carved into its back.
  3. in iron chest - a  jar and a small leather bag containing 45 gp and 15 sp.
  4. Tucked in one book are two scrolls -
  • one that bears a list of six words (including "Rihuud" and "Dorhun")
  • a letter written in Dwarvish





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