Out of the Abyss

Blingdenstone Council Meeting

Various ideas discussed during the Council Meeting

  • Convince the Goldwhisker clan to fight against the oozes - Dorbo Diggermattock is strongly against and Senni Diggermattock is strongly for.
  • Find Entémoch’s Boon.
  • Cleanse the Steadfast Stone.
  • Destroy Ogrémoch’s Bane.
  • Travel to Neverlight Grove and convince Myconid's to part with a wagon load of ingredients so that Kazook Pickshine can make an oil to protect metal against acid corrosion. Plan was discarded once they heard the parties story about Neverlight Grove.
  • Escort a salt shipment to Gracklstugh to trade for duergar-made weapons.
  • Convince Ghosts to aid in battle against the oozes.



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