Out of the Abyss

Audience in Gauntlgrym

Upon arriving at the Dwarven City  -

You are taken to a mighty hall in which a red-haired dwarf of fierce and proud demeanor sits upon a massive stone throne, flanked by a number of guards and advisors. Although a long stone table has been set to one side, laid out with refreshments, there do not appear to be any other guests. “Welcome, friends,” says the king. “I’ve a mind to know about the rumblings and rumors about goings-on in the depths outside my city. If ye relate to me what ye know, we can talk about what ye might want to do next.”

After the Feast -

“I’ve told the allies ye met tonight what ye told me,” he says. “I invited them here to learn what is happening, to share what we know, and to get their backing for what it is I propose. Ye have braved the Underdark and lived to tell the tale. Ye know, better than anyone, what it is we face, but we need to know more.

“The Zhentarim have a stake in a secret Underdark trading post called Mantol-Derith. If ye can get them on our side, they’ll guide ye there, where ye can meet with one of their agents, Ghazrim DuLoc. He can provide ye with a map to Gravenhollow. It’s a legendary place built by the stone giants long ago, said to contain all the knowledge of the depths. If there’s answers to be found for what has happened, ye might find them there. If ye are willing to go back, that is.

“I don’t propose to send ye into the dark unprepared, and I hope ye make an impression on those gathered here so they’ll support our cause and your mission. From all I’ve seen and heard, there’s no one better to do what needs be done.

“So, what say ye?”



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