Out of the Abyss

Menzoberranzan’s principle law is the Way of Lolth.


Menzoberranzan’s principle law is the Way of Lolth. Its tenets are as follows:

  • There is no god or goddess other than Lolth. Any who follows the dictates of another entity will be slain, preferably as a sacrifice to Lolth.
  • Ritual worship of any entity other than Lolth is forbidden within the city’s vault. Non-drow who violate this tenet are fined and expelled from the city. Second offenders or any drow who do so are slain.
  • Slaves have no rights, and there are no limits to the punishments or duties that can be set for them. Treatment of slaves is the affair of their owners. It is a capital offense for a slave to refuse any order from a drow of the house that owns the slave.
  • A commoner or student of the Academy who refuses to obey a priestess can be punished as the offended priestess sees fit, up to and including death. If the offender is the property of another house and the noble of that house is present and objects, the two must agree on a punishment (usually flogging).
  • Any drow who falsely wears the colors of another house or who deliberately alters his or her appearance to masquerade as one of a different station will be slain.
  • Any non-drow who adopts the appearance of a particular drow, a drow of a noble rank, or a drow of a house other than his or her own will be slain.
Vizeran’s Plan

Components needed to create and power the talisman he calls “The Dark Heart.” 

  • The intact and unhatched egg of a purple worm, for channeling great physical power. (Recovered and turned over to Kleve).
  • The central eye of a beholder, to break down magical resistance and overcome magical forces. (Recovered)
  • Six feathers from six different angels — the authority of the celestial realms and a force to enrage fiendish creatures (Recovered from Gallery of Angels).
  • The heart of a goristro, to reach and influence the hearts of other demons (recovered and carried by Ignus).
  • Thirteen timmasks, also known as “devil’s mushrooms,” sprouted from the footprint of a marilith, a balor, or a goristro — a lure to draw demons in (Alliance has recovered 6).
  • A few drops of blood or ichor from a demon lord, to connect with the demons the ritual will call (Yeenoghu's - recovered from horn of goristro).
  • Gromph Baenre’s grimoires and notes on his ritual, to assist in better understanding the power that summoned the demon lords.

<u>Potential sources for all these components</u>

  • The purple worm egg and the eye of the beholder can be found in the Wormwrithings.
  • The angel feathers and the demon heart can be found in the Labyrinth.
  • The grimoire is found in Menzoberranzan, the City of Spiders.
  • The timmask mushrooms and blood from a demon lord depends on the adventurers’ resourcefulness and on the opportunities found.


Vizeran tells the characters to find the Gallery of Angels, a location in the heart of the Labyrinth lies some three hundred miles southwest from his tower – Araj. It is the one place where Vizeran knows the characters can find the angel feathers required for his ritual’s talisman.

The nearest purple worm nesting area mapped out for the characters by Vizeran DeVir lies forty-eight miles west of Araj.

Vizeran has heard rumors of a beholder living in the Vast Oblivium, a chasm deep within the Wormwrithings. The Vast Oblivium lies some twelve miles south of the purple worm nesting area.

Menzoberranzan is about ten days SE from Araj.

Audience in Gauntlgrym

Upon arriving at the Dwarven City  -

You are taken to a mighty hall in which a red-haired dwarf of fierce and proud demeanor sits upon a massive stone throne, flanked by a number of guards and advisors. Although a long stone table has been set to one side, laid out with refreshments, there do not appear to be any other guests. “Welcome, friends,” says the king. “I’ve a mind to know about the rumblings and rumors about goings-on in the depths outside my city. If ye relate to me what ye know, we can talk about what ye might want to do next.”

After the Feast -

“I’ve told the allies ye met tonight what ye told me,” he says. “I invited them here to learn what is happening, to share what we know, and to get their backing for what it is I propose. Ye have braved the Underdark and lived to tell the tale. Ye know, better than anyone, what it is we face, but we need to know more.

“The Zhentarim have a stake in a secret Underdark trading post called Mantol-Derith. If ye can get them on our side, they’ll guide ye there, where ye can meet with one of their agents, Ghazrim DuLoc. He can provide ye with a map to Gravenhollow. It’s a legendary place built by the stone giants long ago, said to contain all the knowledge of the depths. If there’s answers to be found for what has happened, ye might find them there. If ye are willing to go back, that is.

“I don’t propose to send ye into the dark unprepared, and I hope ye make an impression on those gathered here so they’ll support our cause and your mission. From all I’ve seen and heard, there’s no one better to do what needs be done.

“So, what say ye?”

Blingdenstone Council Meeting

Various ideas discussed during the Council Meeting

  • Convince the Goldwhisker clan to fight against the oozes - Dorbo Diggermattock is strongly against and Senni Diggermattock is strongly for.
  • Find Entémoch’s Boon.
  • Cleanse the Steadfast Stone.
  • Destroy Ogrémoch’s Bane.
  • Travel to Neverlight Grove and convince Myconid's to part with a wagon load of ingredients so that Kazook Pickshine can make an oil to protect metal against acid corrosion. Plan was discarded once they heard the parties story about Neverlight Grove.
  • Escort a salt shipment to Gracklstugh to trade for duergar-made weapons.
  • Convince Ghosts to aid in battle against the oozes.
Gracklstugh Happenings
Stonespeaker's Warning

“Something evil stirs in the Underdark. The rock itself cries in pain and horror, and a madness creeps from the blackest depths. Pay heed to the signs surrounding you. A cave with two faces. Rock devoured, and the land overgrown. The pebble believes itself flesh. The earth rejects its wards, and the tunnels shake in fury. By these portents, you shall know of evil's presence and of evil's face. This is what the stones tell me."


item lump of black metal found in duergar lab


found in ritual room

  1. pouches of giant toenail clippings and skin flecks
  2. 2' tall statue with two heads weighing 100 pounds. “Rihuud" is carved into its back.
  3. in iron chest - a  jar and a small leather bag containing 45 gp and 15 sp.
  4. Tucked in one book are two scrolls -
  • one that bears a list of six words (including "Rihuud" and "Dorhun")
  • a letter written in Dwarvish



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